Bring back some danger |

Bring back some danger

Dear Editor:

As Wintersköl approaches once again, I find myself yearning for an event of the days of yore ” The Wintersköl Snow Motocross. Any local worth their weight in petex remembers that event. Every time I drive past the mammoth snow pile next to the animal shelter, I can only imagine what a success this event could be.

It used to be held at the Rio Grand Park area every Wintersköl. A group of hardened local motorcycle enthusiasts would show up and race around a nasty track of mud and dirty snow scraped from the city streets. Nowadays there are more motorcycles in the valley than ever. Charge 50 bucks and give the profit to a local charity/nonprofit. I reckon the turnout would be impressive. People would come from as far as Junction without hesitation. The city snow pile is larger than ever as well ” and there’s even a snowcat there to sculpt a track of epic proportions.

So with this letter, I plant the seeds in the fertile minds of the new Generation X of valley motocross enthusiasts … help bring back the Wintersköl Snow Motocross. Call the chamber and voice your desire. It’s probably a huge lawsuit waiting to happen ” like the long gone “deadly” and offensive Ski Splash. Let’s bring back some fun, dangerous Wintersköl events. Where do I sign up?

I never was big on safety during Wintersköl, anyway.

Lorenzo Semple III


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