Bridge worries |

Bridge worries

Dear Editor:Maroon Creek bridge is regularly in your newspaper in regards to its condition and replacement updates. As the main access route to and from Aspen, it is rightfully a major point of interest.Recently, I have been noticing the deterioration of the road surface, presumably from frost heaving and subsequent snowplow damage. The resulting series of surface irregularities resembles rumble strips, more noticeable at the beginning and end of both upvalley and downvalley lanes. The small shock waves radiate through my vehicle as would be expected but cause no real concern. The question I would like to ask is this: Would long lines of vehicles progressing across the regularly irregular surface of the span, in both directions and at a controlled rate of speed, increase the amplitude of the individual shock waves enough to cause a problem? Soldiers, marching bands, even Boy Scouts know enough to break the cadence of their stride when traversing a bridge. My kids watch a show called “Myth Busters,” which proved that the cadence of marching feet could cause catastrophic failure of a bridge. Nobody wants to have three school buses, four SUVs and a dump truck end up in the drink. Has anybody else thought of this as a potential problem?Miles D. MillerAspen

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