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Bridge rumors

Voters should know that replacing the Maroon Creek Bridge is not at stake in this election.

The straight shot, or “modified direct connection,” refers to the alignment from the roundabout to 7th and Main including the new tunnel and a second vehicular bridge across Castle Creek leading to a new stoplight at 7th and Main.

However, to address rumors regarding structural integrity, the Maroon Creek bridge was built for the Midland Railroad and designed to support freight trains hauling hundreds of tons of ore from Aspen to Leadville.

Francis Whitaker, a greatly respected and professional iron worker and namesake of one of our city parks, once stated that the high quality iron in the Maroon Creek Bridge is irreplaceable today and would last forever.

CDOT is required to inspect and report on the safety of the Maroon Creek Bridge annually. If the CDOT reports had any inkling of safety concerns, you can bet that you would have read about this in one of our local papers.

If the bridge is ever determined unsafe, it would be irresponsible for CDOT to risk human life by holding the community hostage by requiring completion of the straight shot.

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