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Brexi, New Lost Episode

Dear Editor:

As a long-time resident who has served the Aspen-Snowmass community for over 30 years, our family was looking forward to eating and celebrating my birthday at this new dining establishment over the Labor Day weekend. We had made early evening reservations.

As time passed, we were nearing the end of our meal, ordered after-dinner drinks, when the waiter approached our table informing us that another party was waiting for the table and that we would no longer be served. My family was appalled and insulted at the handling of such a situation requiring us to vacate a table.

I, too, was amazed and disappointed that the only thing management wanted to do was to turn the table. It is unfortunate, that as the Aspen community changes, so does the handling of the clientele.

Jill Libman

Snowmass Village

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