Breckenridge businesses facing discipline over December drug bust |

Breckenridge businesses facing discipline over December drug bust

Jack Queen | Summit Daily
The owner of the Blue Stag Saloon told the liquor authority that the bar has changed its policies after learning from police that cocaine had been sold to an undercover cop there.
Jack Queen, Summit Daily

Last December, local law enforcement agencies countywide teamed up for an undercover drug operation that nabbed 21 suspects, most of whom allegedly sold drugs to police officers in a handful of bars and restaurants in Breckenridge and several other locations. One case — when a man allegedly sold a half-ounce of cocaine over the counter of the Mine — was so egregious that the state Department of Revenue swiftly shut it down, police say.

“The state is handling the Mine, because that was pretty serious,” Breckenridge police chief Dennis McLaughlin said. “It may come to a point where the local (liquor) board is waiting for the outcome of that and may take action as well.”

Two other establishments are facing scrutiny by the Breckenridge Liquor and Marijuana Licensing Authority, although they will likely only pay fines or serve suspensions for being implicated in what police described as a loose but brazen drug ring.

On Tuesday morning, the Blue Stag Saloon conceded it may have committed a conduct of establishment violation at a licensing authority hearing related to two alleged cocaine deals that happened there in December.

Hero, a bar where cocaine was allegedly sold to officers four times, was granted a continuance on its proceedings.

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