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Dear Editor:

I want to thank the Hausmann Quartet for a wonderful evening of classical music performed at the Woody Creek Community Center (WC3).

The evening started with 10 movements of Ned Rorem’s String Quartet No. 4 (each movement representing a Picasso painting). A slide show of Picasso’s works accompanied this outstanding performance. The grand finale was the String Quartet No. 6 in F minor, Op 80 by Felix Mendelssohn. The venue of WC3 allowed an intimate opportunity to hear these fine musicians like you would hear nowhere else in the valley.

Hausmann Quartet consists of Angela Choong, Bram Goldstein, Isaac Allen and Yuan Zhang. They are attending the music school and housing in Woody Creek for the summer. We all hope they will be back next year! Thank you.

We look forward to more great music and events at WC3!

Rob Pew

president, WC3

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