Bravo, P&Z |

Bravo, P&Z

Alex BielAspen

In defying the greedy, pushy developers who tried hard to railroad them toward conceptual approval of the oversized Lodge at Aspen Mountain, the Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission showed both strength and courage. Unfortunately, the commission was not well served by the citys planning staff. Incredibly, the staff asked them to approve a resolution so vague, inconsistent and biased toward the developers that many of the projects neighbors wondered whether the resolution hadnt been written by the developers themselves!During the hearings, it often seemed as if the chairwoman had neither interest in, nor patience for, the publics concerns, while at the same time she permitted the loquacious Sunny Vann, the developers hired gun, to ramble on and even to lecture the commission. But in the end, the commissioners including the chair had the vision to refuse to endorse the staffs inane recommendation. Bravo.Now its the City Councils turn. Will they pander to the cynical developers and let them run roughshod over underlying zoning to build the largest structure in town, or will they show the backbone that Aspens P&Z has demonstrated? Stay tuned.