Bravo, parks and recreation |

Bravo, parks and recreation

Dear Editor:In this day and age, when complaints outnumber compliments by a vast margin, when people seem to be searching for reasons to bitch rather than appreciate, I thought I would take a few minutes out of my day to thank the city of Aspen and particularly the parks and recreation department for all of the great improvements they are making to our community. Of course city projects will never be done overnight, but I would urge patience to those complaining about the Rio Grande Trail. Though you may disagree with the magnitude of the effort, I hope that at least you can acknowledge that the intentions are good. Personally, I have confidence that the parks department will succeed with those improvements. Personally, with bikes whizzing by and me with a dog, a stroller and a 2-year-old, the old trail just wasn’t wide enough – sorry.From little things like the trees along Highway 82 and trail extensions, to huge efforts like improvements at the city golf course and the opening of the Aspen Recreation Center a couple of years ago, the parks and recreation department’s effort is one reason why Aspen is arguably getting better – not worse. Thanks to all concerned!Scott WriterAspen

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