Bravo, Laurie and Carrie |

Bravo, Laurie and Carrie

To seek the highest academic excellence for Aspen’s children is not evil, nor does it have anything to do with wealth. It has to do with a belief that our children deserve to have available to them an educational system that is equal to any educational system in the country. It also has to do with the belief that our children are fully capable of, and would take great pride in, performing at this level.

The discovery process which Dr. Laurie Michaels and Ms. Carrie Morgridge are involved in is a statutory right which has clear constitutional underpinnings. A full discovery process is necessary to fully understand the complexities of issues such as the ones facing the Aspen School District.

Laurie and Carrie have the best interests of Aspen’s children at heart, yet they are being personally attacked for trying to bring an honest and complete discussion of the facts and issues to the community. Laurie and Carrie may be activists, but where in Aspen’s history, or the history of our country, has that ever been considered evil? These concerned parents are dedicated to improving the educational programs and choices in the Aspen Public Schools. All schools can improve academically in one way or another. Thank goodness for parents like Carrie and Laurie, and many, many other concerned people, who are not content to merely accept the status quo, especially when it comes to the paramount job of educating our children.

Improving educational quality is an ongoing and dynamic process. It takes people with a great faith in our children’s ability to reach for the stars to keep moving toward nothing less than excellence when education is at stake. I applaud all the parents involved in this worthwhile and laudatory effort.

Katherine L. Meier


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