Bravo for Valley Dog Rescue |

Bravo for Valley Dog Rescue

Dear Editor:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s most deserving unsung heroes, Ursula Shepard of Val­ley Dog Rescue in Carbondale. Ursula has selflessly, devotedly and unfailing­ly given 100 percent of her time and attention to the silent friends of the Roaring Fork Valley every single day for over 20 years now. Bravo Ursula and Valley Dog Rescue!

In doing so, I speak for more than 15,000 endangered, sick, abandoned and/ or homeless animals that she has taken under her wing and protected.

Oftentimes, these animals have been medically treated, nursed back to health, or just loved and treated with respect until an appropriate placement and excellent match can be found between the animal and its new owner.

Many foster homes have stepped up to the plate to house these deserving ani­mals until a good match can be found for them, while many more are always needed and welcomed. Many thanks and much appreciation to these foster care families as well!

Applications, interviews, phone calls, dosing out daily medications, vet visits, shelter visits and home visits are only a part of a day in the life of Ursula Shepard’s never ending task. To say this is a huge undertaking would be a great understatement, and the reward is only to be found in the gratefulness and love in each animals eyes and the unspeakable joy that is derived each time a safe and loving match is found for one of the rescuees.

When considering adopting a second dog, a friend advised us to look at all the wonderful dogs listed on the Web at We were hard pressed to choose from among so many beautiful dogs and such a variety of breeds, but were ultimately drawn to a wonderful 8-month-old petite female blue heeler who had her leg and foot crushed and was thrown out into the streets and left for dead. A shelter had taken her in, and when she became so depressed she was going kennel crazy, they contacted Ursula for help.

Ursula immediately arranged to have her pulled from the shelter and into the care of Valley Dog Rescue. We adopted her seven years ago and what a wonderful addition to our family she has been! Devoted to her very core.

Friends like these are very hard to come by and can never be taken for granted.

Many other deserving and wonderful dogs are waiting day after day for peo­ple to open their hearts and adopt them into their ” forever homes.” A medical fund account for the Valley Dog Res­cue dogs in need has been established at the Bank of Colorado in Glenwood Springs.

I know that I speak for the multi­tudes in the Roaring Fork Valley when I say, “Thank you, Ursula!”

Lynne Fry

New Castle