Bravo! Encore! |

Bravo! Encore!

Dear Editor:I’m writing this letter on behalf of the School of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet to the students and families of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Folklorico.Thank you all so much for making this year’s production of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s “Nutcracker” especially enjoyable. We had so much help back stage from wonderful parents that even with more students than ever in the production, the performances seemed effortless. On top of that, many intermediate and advanced students chose to come in on their off days to help out as well. Charlotte and I are so proud of our students and the sense of camaraderie and teamwork they brought to this production.Our students received great praise from both the professional dancers and the directors for their improved technical ability as well as their performance (acting) ability. The experience was truly rewarding for all involved.Thank you, again, dear families and students. Charlotte and I love you all and wish you joy and happiness this holiday season.Melanie DoskocilSchool directorAspen Santa Fe Ballet

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