Bravo, Buddies |

Bravo, Buddies

Dear Editor:

January is National Mentoring Month, and I wanted to acknowledge the impact that The Buddy Program mentors have provided to students in the Basalt area.

This is my sixth year as a school counselor witnessing the connections between Buddies. I see it in the smiles of fifth-graders as their Basalt High School Buddy comes to meet them for lunch. I have seen it on the trail to Thomas Lakes, as a seventh-grader and her Buddy just finished hiking ” the seventh-grader proud of accomplishing something she thought she could not have done. I hear it as I walk through the school library during lunch, while a sixth-grader is playing a game of Uno with his school Buddy, laughing and forgetting about any school worries. I have seen it on my walk to work when a student was so excited to introduce me to her Buddy.

For anyone who is a buddy, thank you for positively impacting a young person’s life. And for those thinking of becoming a Buddy, I have many students anxiously awaiting the day they get paired with a Buddy of their own.

Kelly Shanahan

counselor, Basalt Middle School

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