Brains turned to mush |

Brains turned to mush

Dear Editor:

Last week a letter to the paper mentioned that at one time people thought that adding fluorine to the water was a plot to turn peoples’ brains to mush. The element lithium, similarly placed but at the opposite side of the periodic table to fluorine, is a psychoactive drug used to treat schizophrenia. I’ve often wondered if fluorine might have some sort of medical effect.

Certainly something has turned the voters’ brains to mush. Millions of them go on voting for Republican and Democratic candidates, knowing full well they are going to get robbed and have their interests sold out to the highest bidder. Why, the latest $300 billion banker bailout bill signed by Bush contains a provision requiring the credit card companies to report all transactions to the IRS. Even if the voters were aware of it, they would probably think it a good idea; now the IRS will be able to tell them how much they made, how they spent it and how much tax they will have to pay (to bail out the bankers) ” what a convenience!

Moral standards have sunk so low that the Music Associates of Aspen can fete a war criminal and the students fiddle on without a murmur. People with functioning brains would shun someone like Rice, and eventually she might cease doing evil.

Richard Gordon