Boycott the meat and dairy industries |

Boycott the meat and dairy industries

Dear Editor:

Challenges to free press are slowly gaining ground in the form of bills in Florida, Iowa, and Minnesota legislatures to prohibit possession and display of videos of factory farming. For the meat, dairy, and egg industries pushing for these bills, the prohibition makes perfect sense.

A year ago, undercover investigators exposed E6 Cattle Company in Castro County (Texas) chaining dairy calves in tiny wood crates and bludgeoning their skulls with pickaxes. Last June, Cal-Cruz Hatcheries in Santa Cruz, Calif., were found to grind up and suffocate live chicks. In August, Iowa’s Hillandale Farms and Wright County Eggs were forced to recall 550 million eggs for Salmonella contamination. If I ran one of those operations, I certainly wouldn’t want people with cameras anywhere near my facilities.

Filthy conditions and cruel practices are likely to remain legal and commonplace on U.S. factory farms, and their operators will continue to avoid public exposure. Our only option, as consumers, is to stop subsidizing these conditions and practices at the checkout counter by shifting to wholesome and cruelty-free vegetables, fruits and grains, as well as grain- and nut-based substitutes for meat and dairy, now available in every supermarket.

Andrew Torelli


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