Boycott responses are misguided |

Boycott responses are misguided

Dear Editor:

Some people in Basalt refuse to hear it. Mr. Johnson’s letter clearly states that it is about people – “Anne Freedman and friends” and about “small-town hatred” – not about the library or the town itself (“We’re boycotting Basalt,” Jan. 12, The Aspen Times).

It’s about lies, half truths, innuendo and allegations repeatedly disseminated in the town and to the local newspapers as fact. When Anne Freedman was confronted with the fact that she fabricated information and stated deceptive half truths in her letter published in this paper, her reply was that she “believed” they were the truth. However, these were statements regarding her neighbors and facts that she easily could have confirmed.

It is interesting to me that it took someone from a different part of the country to denounce what is going on here. It is also interesting to me that in this small town some people describe their neighbors as “vile, vicious and vindictive.”

I was taught respect from a young age. I was also taught to stand up to bullies. I find these two actions to be mutually exclusive.

Taylor Liebmann


Editor’s note: Taylor Liebmann is a member of the Basalt Library District’s board of directors.

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