Boycott Krabloonik |

Boycott Krabloonik

Dear Editor: Regarding Krabloonik, I’m happy to live in this beautiful valley where there are so many wonderful people that care so much about the welfare of animals. What we need to do is make sure that the surge of winter tourists know exactly the kind of harsh and neglectful treatment they are paying for at his place of business so they can make a better choice – perhaps not to spend their money there. I am appalled and outright disgusted – as a Siberian husky owner myself – that someone would treat these hard-working and amazing animals the way this man has – intentionally, no less. There are numerous measures he could instate that would show he cares about the well-being of his animals: he could make the chains longer, build or buy more shelter, hire out people to exercise the dogs (I am shocked anyone is allowed to own 250 dogs!), neuter them and stop recklessly breeding them! I would have several more of these courageous and brilliant dogs if housing allowed me – Seth is fantastic for absorbing Dan’s excess. What Dan should do is donate a decent amount to the shelter to show he is grateful for Seth taking up his slack, and doing what he is apparently too callous to do, and that’s retire his dogs with some dignity.I highly recommend the reading of “Dominion,” by Matthew Scully. He eloquently points out that although it is written, and most believe that mankind has dominion over the animal kingdom, we have also been given graceful stewardship over them, as well as the land.Let’s show Krabloonik that we don’t want a business in our valley that allows the abuse or neglect of animals. As I write this there are hundreds of bored, lonely, roasting hot dogs tethered to short, heavy chains, just waiting for someone to do something.Jami DownsAspen

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