Bowl virgins |

Bowl virgins

Dear Editor:Thank you Aspen Skiing Co., for keeping the Highlands open for an extra week. We are so lucky to have the Highland Bowl as our special playground. A place where we can have the backcountry experience; yet is patrolled by the fine group of ski patrollers at the Highlands.There is something spiritual about the bowl. The walk up thins the crowd. The legs and lungs protest the trip. There are some days that are better than others. I don’t know why, but many times I feel stronger on my second lap.Even though I hate the days when the hike looks like the Alaska gold rush, I can still find solitude on the trip down if I pick my path carefully. Sometimes skiing is like fishing. I will pick a spot that might not hold many fish, just to have a spot with no people. The same goes for the bowl, sometimes the more variable conditions are those that few will ski and are left alone for me.Last Friday I rode the cat up with a young 12-year-old from Minnesota. He asked if the hike was worth the trip down. I told him that of course it was not just the skiing, but the entire experience that was worth the trip. He elected to give it a try and I told him that I would wait for him at the top. When he finally reached the last summit, the smile on his face for his success was worth my day. Fortunately there was a Mountain Photo person at the top to capture his experience and provide proof to his family that he really had accomplished something special. We skied down Northwoods together without another person in sight. He told me on the ride up the Temerity lift that it was the toughest, but best skiing day of his life.Saturday I had the opportunity to see 7-year-old Ian make his first trip up the bowl with his parents … Way to go, Ian!Thank you, Aspen Ski Company, and the ski patrollers at the Highlands who make this happen!Robert PewWoody Creek

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