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Bovino bombs

Dear Editor:

I’d like to congratulate Jerry Bovino for shooting way out ahead of the pack in 2011’s “Most Inane Letter to the Editor” competition. His “Whack a Mole” missive in the April 5 Aspen Times was truly inspired.

I read the local papers online early in the morning so I had to spend some time scraping the Frosted Flakes off my computer screen after seeing Mr. Bovino’s reference to Elizabeth Milias as a “journalist,” therefore I might be a little confused.

It seems Mr. Bovino takes issue with a letter Tim Cooney wrote taking issue with a letter Ms. Milias wrote taking issue with a column Su Lum wrote taking issue with some of Ms. Milias’ issues. If you’re confused too, maybe we could get a crack journalist like Elizabeth Milias to explain this to us.

Mr. Bovino goes on to castigate Tim Mooney repeatedly for something or other. On this I would suggest that Mr. Bovino, himself, stay away from the journalism racket, as Tim Cooney and Tim Mooney are two different people. While both are longtime locals and pretty decent skiers I don’t think they’re interchangeable and I’m not sure who deserves the first apology.

Mr. Bovino goes on to imply that there are only a few folks who have a problem with Ms. Milias’ mistreatment of Su Lum, and by extension, all the rational people of Pitkin County. He is dead wrong. He also somehow manages to suggest that Mooney (Cooney) or Lum might have coined the terms “dirtpimps” and “greedheads.” While that would be a source of infinite pride for almost anyone, I doubt if Mooney or Cooney or Lum would actually claim credit, and it would probably take an investigative journalist of Milias’ stature to get to the bottom of that.

I don’t know if Elizabeth Milias is auditioning for a job with Fox News, but the only reasonable explanation I can think of for this letter of Mr. Bovino’s is that he is auditioning for Ms. Milias.

Michael Cleverly

Woody Creek


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