Boston is just the start |

Boston is just the start

Dear Editor:

While watching MSNBC a couple of weeks ago, there was an expert on terrorism talking about the “chatter,” as he called it, coming from certain terrorist groups about future attacks on the U.S.

Of the points made in that interview, one now stands out. The U.S. may not see another attack like 9/11 from one of these groups. Instead, some of these groups are trying to recruit “domestic terrorists” who can be taught bomb-making skills.

Boston is just the start of a number of well-planned attacks. What is frightening is that as I watch live interviews on any network, I can see hundreds of busy people running about pulling their bags on wheels. They could be a carry-on piece of luggage or a computer case or any number of things. Each could be loaded with explosives and could be packed with BBs, ball bearings, nails or whatever is needed to cause the most injuries.

Get ready, my fellow countrymen and women. Boston was just the start. There are many more of these attacks to come.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village