Booting leads to boycott |

Booting leads to boycott

Dear Editor:

On Sunday, I left my car at the El Jebel City Market lot (at the very far end not to take up a space close to the stores) to ride with a friend for a gorgeous hike up Independence Pass and then do my grocery shopping when I returned.

Imagine my surprise to find my car booted when I returned. Apparently, there are signs posted at the entrances to the parking lots, but they can’t be very noticeable, as I have not seen them since this practice started in January with the agreement of all the businesses in the complex.

With the competition of Whole Foods, I cannot understand why City Market would agree to this practice. I told the manager on duty that I would never patronize her store or any business in that complex again. Is this customer service? Can’t you give one notice or say no overnight parking? What about people (especially tourists) who want to pick up bagels before going skiing with friends and then do their shopping when they get back? In a valley that emphasizes friendliness to all and enjoyment of the outdoors, this practice makes absolutely no sense.

People might want to consider how user-friendly these businesses are before patronizing them.

Annie Bickley


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