Boot the impostor |

Boot the impostor

I received some more static from this “Terrible” Todd Coghi [?]. I was initially going to let it pass by, but now I’ve decided to do my best to flush him out from cover – as you would a quail – and nail him on the wing. We’re dealing with a very elusive bird, of course, but here on the printed page these past 39 years my aim has been true almost invariably.

We’ve come to what used to be called a Mexican standoff in the days before political correctness reared its misshaped head. I now go for a convincing victory with the risk of absolute defeat.

This hypothetical person has rejected my lunch offer, which was to include Roger Marolt who somehow appears to be involved in this deception. This person appeared to be concerned about his personal safety, but what can be so frightening to him about an old blowhard with one foot in the grave?

I would very much like to boot this sly impostor off the printed page. Not only for myself but the other writers of consequence who write under their true names.

Consequently, if the so called “Todd Coghi” can step forth out of the shadows and be revealed as a bona fide human being with verifiable credentials such as a valid Colorado driver’s license, then I will be compelled to ingest a monumental portion of crow and write to the paper nevermore. Finito.

What about you, “Todd”? Was I wrong all along or have I got you doing an all-out stationary run like a man falling down in a pigpen. Silence is golden, in this particular instance, methinks. Your choice.

Pete Luhn


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