Boomerang to remain lodge |

Boomerang to remain lodge

Janet Urquhart

New owners of the Boomerang Lodge plan to follow through with its expansion while continuing to welcome guests much as Charlie and Fonda Paterson have done since the establishment’s humble beginnings.”It’ll be run pretty much the way it is,” said Steve Stunda, the local managing partner for Aspen-Fountain Square Properties, a partnership that has purchased the lodge from the Patersons.Stunda, a longtime Aspen homeowner who also has a residence on the East Coast, said the Boomerang presented a unique investment opportunity.”I thought this was a very rare opportunity – a quiet lodge in a West End neighborhood,” he said.The 34-unit Boomerang is located on West Hopkins Avenue at the base of Shadow Mountain. A vacant parcel across the street, owned by the Boomerang, was also purchased as part of the deal. The Patersons obtained approvals in 2001 for expansion of the lodge there and the new owners aim to proceed with that plan this fall, Stunda said.The expansion Charlie Paterson envisioned included four three-bedroom chalets, one one-bedroom chalet and two employee units. The chalets were to be sold in fractional shares, while the existing Boomerang continued to operate as a lodge.As a second phase, the new owners will look to modernize the Boomerang, but Stunda said the partnership is not planning to turn the property into another Aspen timeshare or fractional-ownership project.”What we hope to do is modernize the lodge,” he said. “The Boomerang is a clean, well-maintained lodge, but it reflects another era.”Charlie Paterson, 75, was 19 years old when he built a small cabin on West Hopkins. That structure still exists within the lodge he constructed around it over the years. In 1960, he built the signature main lodge after three years of apprenticeship with famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.The Patersons will continue to run the lodge through the summer. Stunda said he is in negotiations with a Denver-based firm that already has a local presence to operate the lodge when the Patersons step down.Though they’ll no longer be the longtime familiar faces at the Boomerang, the Patersons intend to remain in Aspen, Charlie said Wednesday.”Our home is here. We love Aspen,” he said. “We have other things in mind that we want to do. It’s time.”Aspen-Fountain Square Properties is a joint venture of Fountain Square Properties of Westin, Va., in which Stunda is a partner, and Alex Brown Realty, a Baltimore-based investment house, Stunda said.Janet Urquhart’s e-mail address is