Bonnie: An image that fits |

Bonnie: An image that fits

Dear Editor:I’ll go with Bonnie vs. the boys.Begin with Mick. He has little patience of anything right of way left. In his heart, I think he just wants to give it all back to the Utes. I heard the rumor that both Detroit and Newark have money backing Mick. Their rationale is to pick up all our investment capital after Mick is successful in scaring it away. Many cities would be thrilled to have Aspen’s problems.So next comes Tim. Electing Tim would be like electing a vice president of the United States that was the CEO of a major oil company. No one would be dumb enough to do that.How about Torre. He has this cute little slogan, “Say yes to the politics by the people.” I see something opposite. In the spirit of Nancy Regan, “Just say no.” With Torre, it is just say no to everything. Hell, we had the best project proposed since the Wheeler in the 1880s (The Lodge). “It’s too big!” I think it’s too big for Torre to grasp, he has too many tennis balls bouncing around in his head affecting brain cycles.So for me it has to be Bonnie. I even have my own little cute slogan for Bonnie. “Bonnie, for today’s Aspen.” After so many years with the lady in black as mayor, the Christmas crowd deserves one of its own. We must think YouTube! Above all else, we are a tourist town; Bonnie’s image fits today’s Aspen. If Bonnie is elected, the Aspen legal community will return to full employment.I hope it is clear to all Aspen voters that this is the way to go. And I always thought Bloomie was gay.Bill SeguinAspen

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