Bond money intended for park |

Bond money intended for park

It never ceases to amaze me how a few elected officials will dramatize events or situations for personal ventures or gain.

Councilwoman Anne Freedman suspiciously vents frustrations over Crown Mountain Recreation District’s policy not to give money to a Field of Dream project to build a track field for Basalt High School. While the project is very worthy, Freedman evidently feels that the Recreation District should use voter-funded monies for a 128-acre park with recreation programs for everyone, and instead give some of that money for a school track field, on school property, for the few.

In November 2002, voters elected to give authority to issue $5.1 million in bonds to fund a midvalley park with open spaces and a variety of passive and active recreational amenities, including trails, B.M.X. track, skate facilities, basketball, tennis, dog park, community gardens, botanical gardens, water features, ball fields, soccer fields and more.

With these projects would come a multitude of recreational opportunities and programs for all, not a select few. Recreational programs from surrounding incorporated areas will be able to use the park as well as add to their current menu of recreational possibilities.

The bond money does not allow for the district to take over the Basalt, and other surrounding areas’, recreation programs without any other commitment from those municipalities, and it is not what we voted for. We voted for more recreation, not a takeover of current programs.

If Freedman insists on dramatics for her own agenda, without proper communication with the district or Eagle County, then perhaps she should take her own advice and step down, and let someone with a more rational and responsible approach lead their constituents.

Robert Stephens

Glenwood Springs