Bon voyage, Veazy? |

Bon voyage, Veazy?

(Editor’s note: This letter was addressed to Emzy Veazy, author of a letter that was published on Aug. 30.)Dear Editor:Your recent Times letter to the editor was titled “Better treatment, more respect,” but in that same letter, as always, you invoke vicious name-calling for anyone who doesn’t agree with your radical thinking. You accuse “ACRA punks” of not having a four-year college education – as if that were relevant to anything. You write stupid name-calling attacks on Bill Tomcich and Warren Klug who you accuse of “ignoring your existence.” Why would anyone NOT ignore your existence?You arrive in Aspen and sleep on the floor of churches until you’re told to leave, yet you demand that we respect you because you consider yourself superior to the people in this town. Then go back to California!You impose yourself on this community with your scathing insults as if you know all the answers, and you degrade our citizens as if you’re the only one with knowledge. Wrong again. You must be the most arrogant person ever to write letters in Aspen newspapers because you proclaim yourself the authority on every subject. You’re repugnant and obnoxious.You ask to be treated better, yet you spew your offensive superiority on us.You speak of “good faith,” but why would anyone trust you in good faith? You only perpetuate negative attacks on our citizens. Your vicious, scathing remarks against the good people of our town are unwarranted and unappreciated – as are you.Whether you like Aspen or don’t like Aspen, do Aspen a favor – go back to California because you don’t belong here.Sam JonesHouston


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