Bombing won’t stop terrorism |

Bombing won’t stop terrorism

In a letter to President George W. Bush, the Roaring Fork Coalition For Peace urged the President not to invade Iraq. This letter was printed in local Roaring Fork newspapers. Several people wrote letters to the editor criticizing the Roaring Fork Coalition For Peace, stating that coalition members are naive and must be aging hippies who haven’t matured.

Last week, the Joint Chiefs of Staff publicly stated that they were opposed to invading Iraq. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking officers in the Army, Navy and Air Force, disagree with President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld about the advisability of committing over 200,000 troops in Iraq. I doubt that those critical of the coalition think that the Joint Chiefs of Staff are naive or aging hippies. Each time President Bush speaks, he sounds more angry and arrogant. Seeing what he thought would be the Bush legacy slipping away, President Bush is acting more and more bellicose, which endangers the nation, our troops abroad, and the world.

I once again urge President Bush to cease bombing as a strategy to defeat terrorism.

Calvin Lee


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