Bomb the compound |

Bomb the compound

Dear Editor:

There is one remaining act of bravery that would be proof positive of the wisdom and especially the courage of the commander in chief, President Obama.

Ever since he decided that it is inappropriate to show photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse, we’ve been bombarded by the media with videos of the compound in Abbottabad – the scene where justice finally prevailed.

It appears that throngs of people are flocking there and that many of the natives may be trying to turn bin Laden’s hideout into some kind of Muslim shrine.

Isn’t it only logical to take action to “desecrate” this pretentious piece of real estate for exactly what it is – the “hell hole haven” for history’s most vicious killer?

There’s no need for five or six meetings with military advisers nor to sleep overnight to ponder the consequences. All it takes is a “command decision” to destroy the compound.

Simply evacuate the facility, remove people from the immediate area and bomb the place to smithereens … leaving bin Laden’s lair as devastated as he left our World Trade Center.

Instead of a monument, let this place be the “Muslim terrorist’s Ground Zero” as a constant reminder of our vigilance to obtain justice and also as a tribute to the brave Navy SEALs and their successful mission!

God Bless America and our Navy SEALs!

Richard Doran


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