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BOLD Bil Dunaway

Dear Editor:

I was fortunate to have known Bil Dunaway and to have served with him on the BOLD board the last few years of that organization’s existence.

As a blind skier, I also had the opportunity to ski and bike ride with him, which are some experiences I’ll never forget. Bil guided me on Buttermilk and Aspen mountains a few times and I rode with him on a tandem bike from Aspen to Basalt and El Jebel.

One of the things that struck me first about Bil was his enthusiasm and excitement about the day ahead or after a ski run. He acted like a little kid opening a present. One of my first experiences with him was on Buttermilk when he went straight down Tiehack Parkway with no turns followed by those wide, sweeping GS arcs.

Bil’s idea of guiding was basically for me to try to keep up with him. The time I skied with him on Aspen Mountain was the final day of the year and it was my one and only time to ever ski Walsh’s because it had been groomed.

The tandem bike-ride experience involved going down some hills faster than I really wanted to but I had no choice in the matter except to hold on and hope for the best. I will always cherish these memories and adventures with an Aspen legend.

They are priceless.

Marc Huley