Boiling over Flying Potato |

Boiling over Flying Potato

Dear Editor:

Is anyone out there annoyed as I am about the Flying Potato, also known as the Hammer Head? Actually it’s the Piaggio Avanti 180. The Piaggio is a twin-turbo prop pusher. The propellers are in the back pushing and it has a small wing at its nose (canard). This aircraft is banned at some airports in Europe and the U.S.

I spoke with the Santa Monica Airport in California and it has been banned there for 10 years because of noise. The company that flies these is based in Florida and has 40 Piaggios in its fleet and run a fractional leasing operation.

Our airport administration does respond quickly to noise comments via the phone. However, the Piaggio still has many take-offs and landings a day.

The Flying Potato is not made for our narrow valley. If you want to get things done about this you need to call the airport administration 920-5384 and push No. 4 to get noise comments.

Try to do this once a week. Maybe they will get the hint. Don’t mistake this aircraft as the Starship; they are different.

Buddy Ortega


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