Body is a temple |

Body is a temple

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:We live in an area where folks are exceptionally health-conscious. If you travel often, you are probably very aware of the current state of our country’s health.However, not everyone here is an athlete or a health nut. Many of the valley’s residents are struggling with health problems.Even sadder, many people struggle with health concerns and diseases that would be completely preventable, if they only had the right information about their health.As the weather changes, many of us become less healthy. We slow down, we get less physically active. We eat fewer fresh fruits and vegetables. Our opportunities for health improvements begin to shift.During this seasonal change, I urge everyone to seek more information about their health. Learn about your body. Don’t let tabloids and TV infomercials be your main source of health expertise.Please join me on Monday in Basalt for a free seminar to learn more about disease prevention. “Diets & Cleanses: Energy from the Inside Out” will be offered in the River View Plaza, on the corner of Elk Run Drive and Two Rivers Road, from 6-7 p.m. To reserve a free spot for you and a guest, call me at 948-0179.Nina SchnipperGlenwood Springs


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