Body found near Iowa rest stop identified as Snowmass man |

Body found near Iowa rest stop identified as Snowmass man

Chad Abraham

The body of a man found in August near a rest stop in Iowa has been identified as that of a Snowmass resident.Chad James Schwab, 30, had been traveling near Ames before he disappeared. His body was found in a wooded area about a quarter mile from the rest area, said Capt. Gary Foster of the Story County Sheriff’s Office. The rest stop is on Interstate 35 just north of Ames.”Two local guys were out scouting for places to go deer hunting and they came across the remains,” Foster said last night. “Due to the fact that it was pretty much skeletal remains, we contacted the [Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation] for their assistance investigating this. We also brought in the state medical examiner’s office.”It’s taken this long to get DNA testing completed.”He said the body had been outside for “at least a couple of weeks.” An autopsy was inconclusive. A vehicle registered to Schwab was towed from the rest area several weeks before his body was found.”No evidence of foul play was discovered,” Foster said.Schwab’s family told police that he had been on a road trip.”We know from talking to family members that he was just traveling the country, not going any place in particular,” Foster said. “We had to locate and contact [his family], then discuss with them that the only way to determine an identity was through inside-of-the-mouth swabs for comparison purposes.”Attempts by The Aspen Times to contact family members were unsuccessful.The Associated Press contributed to this report.Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is