Bode Miller gives back |

Bode Miller gives back

Charles Agar
Mark Fox/The Aspen Times Bode Miller autographs a pair of skis for a fan Friday afternoon on the Mill Street mall as 12-year-old Bobby Moyer looks over his shoulder.

Bode Miller is a busy man. In his busy schedule of training and travel, the 29-year-old world-class ski racer doesn’t get a minute to breathe. But a call last spring from Bobby Moyer of Aspen got his attention.”A bunch of kids have my number,” Miller said. “I talk to ’em … and they ask me questions about racing.”But Bobby’s call was different. Bobby’s mom, Mary Moyer, is recovering from cancer treatment last year. A big part of Mary’s recovery, she said, was intensive training with the Cancer Survivor Center, which practices a new, proactive approach of fitness and improved diet.Bobby called Miller to ask if he’d come out and support the cause by helping the center raise money.

“Either directly or indirectly,” Miller said, “we’re all involved with cancer.” And recent numbers, he said, are alarming: “quadrupled.”The effort of places like the Cancer Survivor Center, Miller said, might help his own family in the future. And the skiing superstar was eager to help out.At noon today, Bobby and Bode will get a chance to go toe-to-toe on the Snowmass Club golf course at a tournament to raise money for the center.”I can’t beat ’em at ski racing,” Bobby said, “but maybe at golf.”

The two spent time Friday watching rugby and in an interview on a local TV program.”He’s not stuck-up like other famous people,” Bobby said.Mary Moyer said Bobby is in the best of both worlds: “playing golf with his favorite ski racer.”Mary Moyer said she was impressed that Miller would come out in support of the center and spend nearly two hours Friday signing autographs in Aspen. Miller attended a cocktail party for the center last night, in addition to today’s golf tournament.

He’s been training hard here in Aspen, running the Roaring Fork – not the path, mind you, but skipping rock to rock to build agility at low levels of oxygen.Miller declined to make predictions about the coming season. But he has hired a new coach and plans to travel the European circuit in a decked-out mobile home, which he says will improve his control of his environment and his skiing. A switch in sponsors too, he hopes, will give him an edge. Miller smiled and said he hoped his years of bad press were behind him.Miller said Aspen’s Cancer Survivor Center matches up with his theories of overall fitness and health.”I support it 100 percent,” he said.Charles Agar’s e-mail is