BOCC – pot and kettle game? |

BOCC – pot and kettle game?

Dear Editor:No doubt I would also like additional disclosures to what type of chemicals the oil and gas industry is pumping in the ground. Not only to know if they are toxic but also for “shared” responsibility. After all, if any one of us were to dump a car battery along side the highway, didn’t secure their trash or violated one of the many land use codes in Pitkin County, we would pay the consequences. But stepping back a bit, reading that the BOCC has sent a letter to the Oil and Gas Commission requesting full disclosure of the chemicals used for fracking isn’t what caught my attention. What’s interesting is the rational the BOCC is using to obtain the information.”Full disclosure is the only real course,” Richards said. “I tend to lean a little bit to the side of, there should be no trade secrets.” Really, seriously, no kidding? Lets see, how many times has the BOCC gone into executive session to hide the dirty details of the many decisions that directly impact county taxpayers? With regards to open space, all requests to obtain information on sustainable settings, how they were chosen, why they were subsidized millions and are able to abuse the land use codes, go unanswered. More recently there was the Tarr fiasco where taxpayers subsidized the Tarr’s home purchase to the tune of $280,000. When the BOCC asked for public comment I wanted to see the details. After all, if one is to make a rational comment shouldn’t they have “all” the information? “Never mind about that” the BOCC said since it would disclose “secrets” about the deal. Well then why ask for public input if you are holding back information? Isn’t that exactly what the BOCC is accusing gas & oil of doing? As it turned out they already approved the deal before the final reading anyway and to be fair, I hold no animosity toward the Tarr family. Just wonder if the former owners who were foreclosed on had the same opportunity? There are, of course, many other examples but I only have 145 more words to finish my dissertation.I have lived here in Pitkin County since 1990 and have had the pleasure in dealing with the BOCC on and off for most of that time. No doubt they would not shed any tears if I were to simply go away. However, as commissioner Owsley stated at one of our Crystal River Caucus meetings, “democracy is a bitch.” No it’s not, they just make it that way and now the shoe is on the other foot. Perhaps the BOCC should practice what they preach. But aside from all that, I still can’t decide who the pot is and who is the kettle? I would have to pick the BOCC for the kettle since there’s nothing like the smell of a great stew to raise your spirits during the colder months.Ray PojmanCarbondale