BOCC losing its grip |

BOCC losing its grip

The following letter was addressed to the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners.Dear Editor:It is now inevitable that Open Space & Trails is going to shove an unwarranted, unwanted, $300,000 bridge to nowhere up the collective behinds of Woody Creekers and Pitco taxpayers.That is not their only transgression. They are also continuing to pave the “trail” from Woody Creek to Aspen. The money spent for that extravagance is astounding considering the budget for roads has been cut from $4 million to $1 million. That appears to be a blatant attempt to blackmail the taxpayers into voting for a road tax.If there is no money for roads, why did the commissioners loan Open Space & Trails $4 million to purchase the Droste property from the general fund?Where did the general funds for roads go? The answer is for staff salaries, benefits and bonuses – in effect a tax increase. It seems we no longer have a wise old Owsley. The commissioners are no longer running the show. The inmates are running the asylum.Al DerechaWoody Creek

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