Bob McConnell is a real leader |

Bob McConnell is a real leader

Dear Editor:

We conservatives must be patient, because of the attention given to liberals by the national media and the “trickle down effect” influencing local media.

So, we’re patient but also relentless. When we fail to get a letter to the editor or a press released published, we simply “try-try-try again!”

A conservative “non-politician” running for office is at a disadvantage. Many RINOS in the Republican party continue to back the same old, same old “politicians as usual.”

Then there are conservative groups or alliances – the CINOS (conservative in name only) – alleged to be fair and balanced, where candidate endorsements are determined by a board rather than the majority of members.

Bob McConnell from Steamboat Springs, who is running for Congress in our 3rd Congressional District, is neither a RINO nor a CINO. He is not “beholding” to anything or anybody. While his opponent, John Salazar, may have more name recognition it’s not the kind that McConnell wants to develop when he is serving “we the people.”

You see, Bob McConnell is unique. Instead of political experience, he has real leadership experience, unlike most representatives in Congress. Closely examine so-called leaders both in the House and Senate, and what do you see but a bunch of political pundits with a self-serving, compromising, patronizing style that promotes their own best interests?

Visit Bob’s website,, and you will find that he’s not only well versed, but forthright in his perspective on important issues. As a retired Airborne ranger colonel, he has led man into battle. As an accomplished outdoorsman, he has led expeditions up Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro.

Here’s the man to replace John Salazar and provide leadership in Congress with a voice that truly represents the will of the people!

God bless America!

Richard Doran


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