Board, district not listening |

Board, district not listening

Dear Editor:I didn’t vote for the new school. I felt that Dr. Wall should be removed before the district moved forward. My issues are with all of the school board. Bridges High School had major issues last year, and the school board knew about them. I wrote a nine-page letter and sent it to the board, Dr. Wall, Judy Haptonstall, the principal, teachers and parents of Bridges with much of the information that I had gathered. Other parents wrote letters and e-mailed them, resulting in identical responses from Bruce Wampler. I believe that Sue Hakanson received other e-mails and phone calls but didn’t return them.I called the district office and asked that the parent group be put on the board’s agenda – never happened. I had a short conversation with Dr. Wall. It ended because I felt I was being intimidated and bullied. On Feb. 7, a meeting was held. Over 30 parents attended, but not one board member. My understanding is the board knew about the meeting. I had many questions in my letter; none have been answered.There is a procedure to follow. How does one follow procedure when one is being stonewalled by the district office? I understand that the board’s job isn’t an easy one, but isn’t part of their job making sure they do listen to the people?We need people who walk their talk, uphold their own policies and make sure that the superintendent does. Please sign the petitions at True Value before Aug. 29.Tammy PraetoriusGlenwood Springs

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