Blue Monday |

Blue Monday

Dear Editor:

To the people who hit and killed my beautiful, freaked-out husky during the lightning and thunderstorm on Monday: May you hear that thud and see the dog you killed in your rearview mirror for many years to come.

To the wonderful people who immediately let Alpine Animal Hospital know that Blue was mortally wounded, God bless you and I thank you. The man in the blue truck who was frantically notifying Alpine Animal Hospital and the people in the RV that stopped, thank you for understanding the horrific experience it is to lose my furry child.

To Dana and Chad at Alpine Animal Hospital, thank you for your caring and loving care of Blue. Blue was a neighbor dog and would walk over once in a while from next door, just to say hi, and make sure things were OK at the hospital.

Blue was a rescue dog, very reserved, but in the last few years had developed a sense of mischief as he stole his companion dog’s toys, looking over his shoulder with a twinkle in his eye as he trotted off just out of reach.

CJ Howard


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