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Mike Bloomberg bucks trend, wins Pitkin County in primary but not Colorado

With nearly all the Democratic primary ballots counted in Pitkin County, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg led by about 80 votes Tuesday night.

County election workers had about 300 more ballots to process as of 9:30 p.m., Pitkin County Clerk Janice Vos Caudill said.

With about 80% of total Democratic primary votes counted, Bloomberg led all candidates in Pitkin County with 1,334 total votes, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders with 1,253 and former Vice President Joe Biden with 1,071, Vos Caudill said. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was running fourth with 497 votes.

“I’m surprised,” said Howie Wallach, chairman of the Pitkin County Democratic Party. “I suppose I would have expected Sanders to prevail (in the county). There was no polling so there was no way to know.

“I expected Sanders to win Colorado and he did.”

Still, he said he wasn’t all that surprised about Bloomberg’s showing in Pitkin County. People who attended county Democratic Party meetings, some of whom served in Bloomberg’s administration, made a solid case for the former mayor, Wallach said.

“Bloomberg had a lot of support around here,” he said. “(His supporters) were very persuasive.”

Pitkin County’s vote totals were not in line with statewide tallies, where Sanders came in first followed by Bloomberg and Biden.

In the Pitkin County Republican primary, President Donald Trump received 807 of 924 total votes counted, Vos Caudill said.

As of noon Tuesday, about 4,950 votes had been cast in the joint primaries, Vos Caudill said. The final tally likely will top 5,000 ballots, she said. The Pitkin County totals do not include votes that already had been cast for some of the candidates who dropped out of the election, she said.

But the final total will be exponentially more than the number of ballots cast in Pitkin County and Colorado’s last presidential primary 20 years ago, Vos Caudill said.

In that contest — held in March 2000 — a total of 634 ballots were cast in both the Democratic and Republican primaries. On the Democratic side, Al Gore beat Bill Bradley 162 to 86, while George W. Bush topped John McCain 191 to 161.


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