Bloggers weigh in on backcountry collision |

Bloggers weigh in on backcountry collision

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office cleared Roy Reed, the snowmobiler involved in a backcountry accident Jan 14, but clearing his name might be more difficult in the snowboarding community.

Reed noted some bloggers on the snowboard-mag. com website have made threats against him over the incident.

Bob Gnarley’s Blog, a feature on the website, appeared to fan the flames. It posted one story each from The Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News shortly after the accident. Both articles raise questions about the snowmobiler’s actions in a collision with pro snowboarder Doran Lay­bourn. Later articles presenting anoth­er side to the issue weren’t posted on the blog site, nor were stories on the decision by the sheriff’s office not to file charges.

As a result, the reaction on the site was predictable. The following sam­ples appear in their unedited form:

– ” This idiot needs to be found and tried by the USFS and handed a severe penalty,” a blogger called Dirt­ Pimp wrote. “Vehicular manslaughter sounds about right.”

– Another writer going by the name “notsognar” opined, “I think the idiot who did this needs to either have their sled burned, beaten to shit, or stolen! We cant have f—tards like this running around ruining it for every­one and nearly killing people! UNBELEIVABLE!”

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The vast majority of the roughly two dozen messages on the blog wish Lay­bourn well and a speedy recovery. Reed acknowledged it was unsettling to read the handful of ones that threaten harm.

For example, a blogger called LumberJackJibber wrote, “this person that hit d. l., i would guess, lives around aspen (basalt, glenwood springs, perhaps craig or even meeker areas).

” this criminal knows that these areas are small communities. there is no escape.

“i hope the park service takes this crime seriously and tracks this prick(s) down, because if not the locals might be putting out their own vigilante ass­kicking a.p.b. (or so i would assume). and, as a non-violent person, i cannot say that i would blame them, either, if they do decide to go this route.”

A blogger named, “theindian,” sim­ply wrote: ” I’m gonna scalp those fools.”

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