BLM closures would deny nature lovers |

BLM closures would deny nature lovers

Dear Editor:

Pitkin County’s recommendations to the Bureau of Land Management regarding trail closures are single-minded, hypocritical and without a public-input process. The county has based its decision to recommend winter closures (December through May) for BLM areas around Basalt and Carbondale on the advice of one entity, the Colorado Division of Wildlife, an agency publicly funded for hunters.

Where are the data showing our winter trail use is harmful to these animals? There has been no study of this in these areas. These animals seem to be thriving within our current regulations and level of human interaction.

It’s all about shutting people out of public lands for the interest of one group only, the DOW. Why is Pitkin County not listening to its lower-

valley residents? We do not want winter closures of public lands. Closing these lands will deny us our right to hang out with these awesome creatures. How else will people gain an understanding and respect of them? Not by watching them on the Internet. If anything, these trail uses should be encouraged, not discouraged!

Please be vocal and let the BLM know your thoughts. Do so by visiting

Scott Slogan


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