Blingin’ in the new year |

Blingin’ in the new year

May Eynon

For some, New Year’s Eve is overrated. “Why celebrate a mere transition on the calendar?” they contend. It can easily end up as a source of stress for friends scattered around town at limited-access clubs and private parties open to select guests only. Cliques get divided in different directions; relationships have been known to suffer midnight breakups; drunken stupors aren’t out of the ordinary; and excessive hype can lead to a disappointing outcome.

Basically, what’s the point?

Several of these like-minded individuals decided to bypass the bedlam this year and take the bull by the horns in hosting their own shindig. To curtail high costs traditionally associated with the evening and nix the logistics involved in arranging transportation, they devised a party downtown.

The Cantina was transformed into “Club Bling Bling” from 10 p.m. Wednesday night straight through to 3 a.m. Thursday morning. Approximately 300 guests got their groove on, bedecked in threads ranging from silks to shiny sequins to velour jumpsuits to designer denim. DJ Dylan Johns provided the beats, chef Troy Selby served up the eats.

As Dick Clark chronicled Times Square’s 32nd annual celebration of “dropping the ball,” partygoers lined up at the entrance to the Aspen establishment. Interrupted only by the cacophony of fireworks over Aspen at midnight and a champagne toast, guests shook their things at Club Bling Bling nonstop.

Many traveled from the West Coast, East Coast, Front Range and beyond to boogie down with their friends.

Banker Chris Browder of New York City flew out west for the holidays to blow off a little steam. Lauren and Mike Capitani traveled from San Francisco to celebrate the new year with Mike’s brother, Rick, and his wife, Anne Capitani. Valerie Scavina cruised in from Chicago.

“This year, the Cantina was the place to be for New Year’s Eve,” said Aspenite Nicole Kinsler. “All of my friends are here.”

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