Bling song |

Bling song

Dear Editor:

To “Carol of the Maroon Bells,” by John Hagman:

Hark how the rich

Entitled rich

All seem to stay

Throw things away

Bomb squad is here

Aspen they’ve cleared

To young and old

Meek and the bold

Bling it is wrong

That was his song

With angry ring

Jim C. Blanning

He seemed to see

New SUVs

From everywhere

Drive without care

Snorting their flakes

Raising the stakes

O’er hill and dale

Fat like a whale

Bells do they ring

Registers sing

Songs of good cheer

Profits are clear

Very, very, very, very rich folks

Very, very, very, very rich folks

On on they spend

On without end

They raise the price of every home

Bling’s wrong, bling’s wrong, bling

John Hagman

Hinesburg, Vt.

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