Blindfolds required attire at Aspen High’s mystery prom |

Blindfolds required attire at Aspen High’s mystery prom

Jennifer Davoren

Black ties and blindfolds are the attire of choice this year for the Aspen High School prom.

AHS juniors and seniors will “Escape” – the event’s promising theme – this Saturday during the school’s first-ever “mystery prom.” The students’ final party destination, however, is a well-kept secret.

Prom-goers have been asked to meet at the Aspen Middle School parking lot on Saturday – juniors will gather at 7:30 p.m., while seniors will arrive at 8:15 – in order to board buses and vans bound for an unnamed location. At this point, students know only that the party shuttles will head “away from Aspen.”

The task of transporting 250 teenagers and 24 volunteer chaperones to their mystery prom is a difficult one, party planners admit.

“It’s a huge undertaking,” said Nancy Roach, prom coordinator and literature teacher at AHS.

But Roach, along with the handful of juniors on the AHS prom committee, were hoping to make up for the loss of the prom’s usual location, the Sundeck restaurant atop Aspen Mountain.

Unfortunately, the prom committee has a unique challenge in picking a time and location for the party each year, Roach said.

“We have to pick a date when our athletes are in the valley,” she said. “They travel all over [the state]- April 19 is the only Saturday in the spring where our athletes are at home.”

However, the one date that allows all track, soccer and baseball players to attend prom coincides with the last week of the ski season, Roach said. With the Sundeck still in use by snowsliders, the prom committee was forced to find an alternate location this year.

The “mystery prom” idea came about in January as the committee nixed plans for the Sundeck. Keeping a secret this big for nearly four months has been hard, Roach said – she’s resorted to throwing a few red herrings at inquisitive prom-goers.

“I told them it’s at the El Jebowl, I’ve told them it’s at the Redstone Castle …” Roach laughed, ticking off a list of fake locations.

The real destination, Roach says with confidence, is even better.

“It’s hard to top the Sundeck, but I think we did it,” Roach said.

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