Blazing highways |

Blazing highways

Dear Editor:

Will the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) ever admit to having made an error in judgment when it initiated high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes between Basalt and Aspen? This stretch of road-rage inducing highway is reminiscent of a scene from Mel Brooks’ hilarious movie “Blazing Saddles,” where the mounted gang of bad guys is forced to pass through a 10-cent toll booth out in the middle of nowhere. It sure did slow them down.

As a frequent traveler between Edwards and Aspen, I have observed traffic flowing relatively freely between Glenwood Springs and Basalt (slower moving traffic in the right hand lane and faster moving traffic in the left lane); however, when drivers encounter the HOV lane (on the wrong side to begin with), many are confused as to what is expected of them resulting in snarls and traffic back-ups.

If CDOT would abandon the HOV lane idea on this stretch of highway and spend a few thousand dollars installing new signs (in English and Spanish) that read “Keep to the right except when passing,” I think that traffic would flow far more freely and safely.

Peter Bergh

Edwards, Colo.

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