Blame starts from the bottom up |

Blame starts from the bottom up

Dear Editor:It’s question time, folks! What part of chain of command don’t you understand? Yes, I’m talking about what is going on and has happened in New Orleans, as well as the states of Mississippi and Alabama. Just about all the conversations I’ve heard around town is about how G.W. has screwed this up. Not!The only ones that seemed to have sat on this horrendous situation were the immediate local officials, as well as state politicians. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing starts from top to bottom, it works the other way around. What I see are state officials that are not willing to do what it takes, even if it means taking a stand and doing the right thing. It may not be politically correct, but I never liked that myself. It may mean putting your head out to be cut off at the neck, but you can always pick up and move on. One thing I learned a long time ago is that situations don’t make a person – they reveal him!Then, you have people out there that claim this is nothing but photo-op time. Can’t anyone come up with something better then that? You want to talk about photo-op time, what in the world is a senator from New York doing in New Orleans? Then you have these bozos running around saying it’s a racial thing. I don’t think so! If everyone would get past skin, you would know everyone’s blood is red! Bottom line red!The mayor of that town should have made sure all his people were at the Superdome, all those school buses should have been rolling, period! They should have had supplies in one central location. Everyone that was needed after the fact should have been the first ones in locations of hotels and motels outside for fast moving in after the storm winds subsided. It’s nothing but common sense! The people doing the looting, well, if it wasn’t food or drink, they should be in jail! What does one need with a plasma TV – they don’t even have electricity. What’s the point?Now that this is over and the cleanup begins, if I were mayor or governor, I’d go get the young men or whoever wants to see their town rebuilt, put up Quonset huts to house near sites, then train those who don’t know how to build, plumbing, more or less on-the-job training, and pay them, not just minimum wage, but according to their abilities, so they can get started again. There should not be any illegals brought in to do this, it should be up to the people who want to get started again. To pay for all this? Stop the foreign aid! These are displaced Americans, and the way I see it right now charity starts at home. These people want to go home, well let them get started. Americans have gumption, have the politicians do what they can, then get out of their way and let the rebuilding begin.Ida Marie KingCarbondale

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