Biting the hand that feeds us |

Biting the hand that feeds us

Dear Editor:

I was surprised at the negativity of the articles in our local papers regarding the Verschleiser family renting out the Hotel Jerome last weekend.

Our town depends on the tourist industry, and those tourists – including professional athletes, politicians and celebrities – appreciate Aspen’s respect of their privacy and “live and let live” attitude. Our local businesses depend on the money these tourists bring to our community. This money pays our bills and supports our schools and government programs. Our town has dozens of great coffee shops and places to have a beer while watching the game.

Especially in this weak economy, I think we locals can try other hangouts for a few days to support the businesses that are benefiting from this type of event. Thank you to the guests of the Verschleiser family who bought clothing, lift tickets, skis, food and many other items from local merchants. I apologize if some of us didn’t show you the hospitality Aspen is famous for.

Holly Jensen


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