Bionic Frenchy will be back |

Bionic Frenchy will be back

Thank you to the Aspen Cycling Club.

Thank you again for your help with your donation. A little bit from everybody is a big help for me, The Grand Master of “Team No Problem.”

I will be in Loma Linda Medical Center for my “cool down” off-season in November and December. It will be 40 days of “FUN” treatment, being bombarded by proton beam radiation: about 25,000,000 volts. “No amps” and half the speed of sound.

I should beat anybody for the next season after that cancer treatment. Cancer is just a word. No worries. “NO PROBLEMS.”

After three months of debating what is the best for me, I came to the conclusion that it can save my life. I spent many years sitting on a saddle. My bikes saved my life.

I realized that I had a plumbing problem when I started to lose time during emergency stops going up or down a mountain. I talked to my good friend Dr. Paula Barclay.

“Paula, I think I have a kink on the hose! I think I need a check up.” After many tests, biopsy and etc., I was diagnosed with early prostate cancer. I am glad that I went for a small problem that bugged me and found out rapidly about that killer prostate cancer.

Two or three years later will be too late or more difficult for me to recover that illness. Hallelujah!

Thanks God, and see you next year on the roads and on the trails. Watch for the Bionic Frenchy next season!

Jacques Houot


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