Billionaires vs. beauticians? |

Billionaires vs. beauticians?

Dear Editor:

I read Michelle Nijhuis’s column today (“Tiananmen Sid” shakes up small town, July 17, Opinion, The Aspen Times) and agreed with it except for her statement, “I prefer beauticians to billionaires,” which was of course meant to be a derogatory comment. Surely not all beauticians are great people and all billionaires unworthy of your friendship.

I was born in the inner city of Chicago and worked through high school and college and became a successful surgeon. As somebody who is in the upper middle class, I am able to hire employees, spend money in Aspen and support the small businesses. I also am able to give to many charities and help society.

I was from a lower-income family and now am successful; I can now help society and my community. Billionaires hire millions of people and are usually very philanthropic (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Henry Ford, etc.). This country needs them to help create jobs and be innovators. As nice as your beautician is, I don’t think he or she is as useful to the United States as Gates is or Steve Jobs was.

Donald Norris


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