Billing woes |

Billing woes

Dear Editor:

I am an attorney who has had over 10 clients meet with me regarding Aspen Valley Hospital’s billing practices. Additionally, like Richard Cummins, I personally have an issue with AVH’s billing. Both Dyche’s and Gerson’s comments are disingenuous. The only time AVH agrees to remedy their billing mistakes are when (thanks to you both) the press reveals the truth.

I have not yet had an opportunity to look at Cummins’ complaint, but on behalf of myself I am going to ask for additional damages including monetary for all the actual time I have spent, on the phone and in writing, trying to get AVH to resolve their mistakes.

As far as Dyche’s comment “For us, the most important thing is for people to pay what they owe,” I am telling my clients not to pay for any bills that are incorrect and over one year old. Like me and Mr. Cummins, their bills have been sent to the collection agency and they are not getting any response to their queries from AVH. Unlike me and Mr. Cummins, they are afraid that their credit is damaged because of AVH’s errors.

Since your article published on Friday, I have received over 15 calls regarding AVH’s actions. If their situations are the same as Mr. Cummins’ and mine, at this rate there will be enough plaintiffs for a class action suit. Did AVH ever sue the old billing company or their auditor? Is Sarpa still on the board? I can tell you more details regarding AVH if you wish to speak.

A job well done by exposing AVH’s policy and procedures; you have done the consumers a great service.

Kay Honigman-Singer

Snowmass Village


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