Bill spreads intolerance |

Bill spreads intolerance

Richard Andersen

Yet another brilliant attempt by our legislators to thrust us even further backward with civil rights, discrimination and intolerance.

Last week, Colorado State Rep. Shawn Mitchell (R-Broomfield) introduced a House bill (HB-1375) to ban discussion of gay and lesbian issues in schools statewide.

Bill summary: “Prohibits a school district from providing instruction relating to sexual lifestyles that are alternative to heterosexual relationships, except in the context of instruction concerning the risk and prevention of sexually transmitted disease.”

HB-1375 has been assigned to the House Education Committee for a hearing today at 1:30 p.m.

This bill will do nothing more than harbor an atmosphere of hate and intolerance among our young ones. It will allow more finger pointing to the “different” ones. There have been many successful programs in our schools that are based on educating our children about tolerance to sexual orientation that may be different from one’s own. In “successful,” I am speaking about the tendency toward less bullying of “the sissy boy” after these programs are integrated.

Please speak out and do something now, while this is still in the developing stages! What is our government doing? Their every action is geared toward hate, intolerance and fear. And if you think this is a “gay” issue, you’re wrong. This is a freedom issue. Not to mention that at least one in 10 Americans is gay, so this issue is really one that will affect every family.

And if you think you do not have a homosexual relative, you are most likely simply not in the know. But then maybe you truly do not have a homosexual family member, now. But who is to say that little angel grandchild you love more than anything in the world will not grow up to be gay? What then?

Would you want your loved one to be bullied and persecuted for something that is personal to them? Or worse yet, suicide. It happens among teens and is believed that sexual orientation, or the stigma of being gay, is at the root of many teen suicides.

Unless we start speaking out against this divisiveness and fear-mongering, our grandchildren will end up with a country divided in another civil war before they get gray.

The time is now to start becoming more active. We are not living in a time anymore that allows us to sit back on our “phat” asses. We have to speak up and speak out, or we desperately risk losing the very freedoms the rest of the world admires us for.

If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley, District 61, your state representative is Greg Rippy (R-Glenwood Springs). Go ahead, give him a ring (303-866-2945) and tell him you oppose HB-1375. And just remember, the honorable Mr. Rippy is up for re-election this year.